The spectator is invited to enter a space inspired by persian mirror mosaics to listen to a poem recited in eighteen languages. The fragmentation of the physical image matches that of thought, and human identity itself.

Installation, text and sound design: Nazanin Fakoor
Carlos Antunes (portugese)
Thanassis Akokkalidis (greek)
Nixon Beltran (spanish)
Emanuel Outspoken Bean (english us) Angela Bonacci (english us)
Thom Dobbin (english uk)
Nazanin Fakoor (farsi)
Ilenk Gentille (indonesian)
Ioana Jucan (romanian)
Marianna Kavalliaratos (greek)
Shige Moriya (japanese)
Maximilian Balduzzi (italian)
Adi Nachman (hebrew)
Rima Najda (arabic)
Alexandra Oleynik (russian and ukrainian) Augustin Passard (french)
Pinki Patel (gujarati)
Lindsey Peisinger (english us)
Fabian Schoog (german)
Andrzej Sosnowski (polish)
Magdalena von Behr (german)
Chen Yi (chinese)

"Orient trifft Okzident"
exhibition project for the 150th anniversary of german poet Friedrich Ruckert's death in the old town hall of Schweinfurt, Germany, 2016